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I got kicked off my high school volleyball team because I was too fat. I had been playing volleyball since I was in elementary school, and I was pretty good at it. But my coach told me that unless I lost 30 pounds there was no room for me on the team. I couldn't lose the weight. I went with my mom to the doctor and we tried to learn all this stuff. I did everything I could and I could not lose it. So she kicked me off. There were other girls who were not as good as I was, but they fit into the uniforms. So that was her rationale. She said unless I lost 30 pounds then I couldn't be on the team, even though I was pretty good at volleyball.

Now that testing for the synthetic stuff and blood-doping is readily available the ‘safety’ limit remains in force, causing occasional problems for those with naturally high haematocrit (the normal range is about 36-50 and all you need is a bit of altitude training or dehydration to put you over the line), though it might be a good thing in the grand scheme. The problem is people using the drugs for training so they can recover and do yet more training in the off season (or small races too early in their season to win…) when they’re less likely to be detected. The other problem is that A LOT of professionals are on something- illegal or new and not yet banned so it’s unlikely doping athletes really feel like they are ‘cheating’ as such. Just re-leveling the playing field one way or another… Sad for the other 50% of us who value our health even at elite level.

American olympic athletes steroids

american olympic athletes steroids


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