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The exchange calls to mind one of the less-publicized comments Duquette made about Bautista this off-season, a comparison to the theatre: “He’s the villain in the play whenever we play the Blue Jays.” Fans and players aren’t consciously looking for a villain, but they need one in order for their team to be heroes. Do they truly hate Bautista? Surely it’s that simple for some. For others, there’s just pleasure to be derived from booing one of the best players on a rival team, whether they hate him or not. “Baseball operates in the realm of mythology,” says Thorn. “[It provides] clever lads, noble warriors, despised knaves, sly jesters, wounded heroes and, of course, heroes and villains. All are necessary to a full embrace of the sport.”

For the month of July, Bautista batted .347, with 11 home runs, 29 RBI, and an AL-leading .765 slugging percentage, sharing American League Player of the Month honors with Twins outfielder Delmon Young . [21] Bautista was also named Blue Jays' Player of the Month, which is selected through voting by the Toronto chapter of the Baseball Writers' Association of America. [22] [23] With his 12 home runs in May and 11 in July, Bautista became only the third Blue Jay player in franchise history to have two months with at least 10 home runs. [22]

Toronto will not pick up their end of the mutual option the 36-year-old right fielder signed before what Atkins called a “massively disappointing” 2017 season. While the GM was moved by the outpouring of love Bautista received during his final home game a little more than a week ago — and while he looks forward to celebrating the Blue Jays’ faithful servant at some point in the future — Atkins said, based on Toronto’s current roster, “we feel it’s unlikely that he’s a part of the solution moving forward.”

Bautista blue jays steroids

bautista blue jays steroids


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