Benjamin 392 steroid kit

Archer Airguns has introduced a new range of parts kits for Benjamin 392 and 397 multi pump air rifles. These kits make it easy to find the parts you need to repair or reseal an old Benjamin multi pump pellet gun.

The first products are a seal kit and a screw kit. There's also a replacement valve available.

These kits fit Benjamin 392 and 397 air rifles manufactured since 1997 that have plastic trigger assemblies. They also fit “Phase 1” air rifles manufactured between 1995 and 1997 with the old style trigger.

These kits do not fit the old “soldered valve” models manufactured before 1995.

The Archer Airguns 2X Seal Kit for Benjamin 392 and 397 Air Rifles contains the following parts:

2 x Bolt probe O ring, .22 cal, Part 970-028
2 x Bolt Probe O ring, .177 cal, Part 397-062
2 x Valve O ring (front), Part JTX-080
2 x Valve O ring (inside), Part 397-037
1 x Check Valve, Part 1322-056
1 x Exhaust Valve Assembly, Part 397-038
2 x Valve O ring (rear), Part 397-036
1 x Piston pump cup/seal, Part 397-025

The Archer Airguns Screw Kit for Benjamin 392 and 397 Air Rifles contains:

2 x Windage Screw, Part 397-031
1 x Elevation Screw, Part 397-030
2 x Screw, Part 397-061
1 x Bolt Locking Lug, Part 397-044
2 x Screw, Part 38-117
2 x Cam Face Screw, Part 397-059
1 x Stock Screw, Part 397-041
1 x Stock Lug, Part 397-042

The Valve Assembly for Benjamin 392 and 397 air rifles is a current production Crosman Part Number 397B032.

This valve fits most models manufactured since 1995, including the Phase 1 models, having a separate, non-soldered valve. Generally, if your air rifle has a plastic trigger and trigger guard, this valve will fit. This valve can be used as a direct replacement for valves with part numbers 397A032 and 397-032.

I just posted this on another site where some guy was recommending hunting with a Crosman 760.. (note that pyramid air and other responsible air gun sellers do not recommend the 760 or any other air rifle or pistol for hunting,, other than mice,,) But… this was my post, regarding guns with muzzle velocities in the 600-700 range or less: ——-
“Some years ago , Dr Beeman (Beeman Air Rifles –the classic hunters gun) stated that an air gun which puts out 5 to 7 ft pounds of muzzle energy (which your 760 does Only if Fully Pumped) is sufficient for a humane kill on a squirrel out to 15 yards, (3 car lengths ) and a rabbit , can be killed humanely with such a gun at no more than 5 yards (1 car length) ..And,, those are IF the shooter places the pellet in the hearts or brains,, which means you Must be capable of reliably and regularly hitting a target dot of 1 inch or less at those ranges.. A shot anywhere else MAY kill an animal.. or disable the animal enough to go finish it off with a head shot up close , or break its neck with your hands .. but may more likely not kill it rapidly, and the shooter may assume he missed entirely, but in reality the creature ran off to die slowly and miserably from bleeding or infection, A reasonable Minimum velocity is 800 with .22 pellets and 1000 with .177. A muzzle speed less than 1100 will not break the sound barrier and will not make that loud crack.. A 1200 FPS Air gun is rated with light pellets,, if you use heavy hunting pellets.. the speed will be about 1000 fps and therefore meet your need for quiet shots.. I suggest a Gamo, ($150-$200+, or the lesser known Hatsun Air rifles about $110… in .22 cal. Also please do not shoot squirrels and rabbits in the spring,, if you kill a female,, there will be about 6 less critters to shoot next year, as the babies will die inside her or starve in the nest.

Benjamin 392 steroid kit

benjamin 392 steroid kit


benjamin 392 steroid kitbenjamin 392 steroid kit