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Matthew Scott, the world's first successful hand transplant recipient, and Jerry Fisher, the nation's second recipient celebrated their four and two year anniversaries, respectively, with a trip to Jewish Hospital for their yearly check-ups. Appearing confident and happy, the two men answered media questions at a Feb. 14 press conference.
“I feel fantastic,” said Scott. “I am four years out from the surgery and still gaining function.” At this time, he was able to perform everyday living activities including dialing a telephone, tying his shoes and opening doors along with picking up small fine objects. Scott enjoys plays catch with his sons Jeremy and Ian and holding his wife, Dawn’s, hand.
“With function, I shoot for the moon. I have much better speed in doing things with two hands and can catch things before they fall,” said Fisher. He used his transplanted hand for daily use and function such as turning pages of a newspaper, opening cabinet doors and is able to carry 20 pounds with his transplanted hand. Fisher is married and has three boys -- wife, Sonya and sons, David, Zachary, and Nicholas.

It’s been a long, long time since opening day was actually opening day for everyone. In the past, there’s been a national game the night before the big slate, and usually some teams that don’t get going until the day after most everyone else’s opening day, for some reason, and sometimes even an international series in Australia or Japan a week before the rest of the league takes the field. Baseball doesn’t need a slow rollout; it’s a long season with a lot of games, and it’s much more fun when every team and every fanbase gets to partake in the acute excitement of opening day on the same day–a real opening day.

Gerardo gabriel steroids

gerardo gabriel steroids


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