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My dog (2yrs) had diarrhea and was vomiting. I took him to his vet and the dog injected 2 meds and prescribed Metronidazole 250mg to be taken daily w/food (full stomach). The vet said to give him babyfood till he's better. Once my dog started eating the babyfood, I gave him his 1st pill. However, I haven't given him the 2nd dosage because my dog won't eat or drink water. He has a lil diarrhea and is going frequently although it's not much what he excretes. My question: can & should I cont to give Metronidazole on an empty stomache? He's lost his appetite and I worry of giving the med cause of this.

The effective anaesthetization is an important task under the rendering in pre-admission period. In this time the analgesics is used for

  • the arrest of bleeding;
  • application of aseptic bandage on the wound;
  • shipping immobilization;
  • intramuscular or intravenous introduction of narcotic and nonopioid analgesics;
  • inhalation’s applying in view of compound (oxygen with nitrous oxide) with help of apparatus АН-8(9);
  • effective warming (non-admission the exposure of patient).

Patanol eye drops steroid

patanol eye drops steroid


patanol eye drops steroidpatanol eye drops steroidpatanol eye drops steroid