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MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred emphasized in interviews that the cases of spying seemed limited, although he also warned that electronic devices as a whole were not to be used in the dugout. However, the admission by the Red Sox comes at a pivotal time in the season. With only a month left in baseball’s regular season, the Red Sox cling to a slim lead over the Yankees in the AL East. The Sox took two out of three games against the Yankees in their last series, and now it seems those wins may be tainted with the evidence of cheating. What this will mean in terms of penalties for the Red Sox is not yet known.

The 1904 club was almost as good as the previous team, but due to the surprise emergence of the New York Highlanders , the Boston club found itself in a tight pennant race through the last games of the season. A predecessor to what would become a storied rivalry, this race featured such controversial moves as the trade of Patsy Dougherty to the Highlanders for Bob Unglaub . The climax of the season occurred on the last, dramatic doubleheader at the Highlanders' home stadium, Hilltop Park . In order to win the pennant, the Highlanders needed to win both games. With Jack Chesbro , the Highlanders' 41-game winner, on the mound, and the score tied 2–2 with a man on third in the top of the ninth, a spitball got away from Chesbro and Lou Criger scored the go-ahead run on one of the most famous wild pitches in history.

Red sox players using steroids

red sox players using steroids


red sox players using steroidsred sox players using steroidsred sox players using steroidsred sox players using steroidsred sox players using steroids