Rich piana women and steroids

So at this point everyone can pretty much agree on one thing when it comes to bodybuilding and that’s the fact that steroids will always be connected to the endeavor of building muscle. Many want to pretend that some of the most massive and shredded bodybuilders out there are natural and have never even looked at an anabolic substance before. It’s the thought process of a child. To think that everyone we see competing at high levels has never utilized steroids before would be grossly naive. The steroid culture in bodybuilding has reached heights that none of the old school bodybuilders ever would have thought was possible. One figure firmly entrenched in steroid culture is bodybuilding personality Rich Piana.

Rich Piana has been linked up many times with several women. The list of his ex-girlfriends includes the likes of Chanel Rene. She can be seen with heavy muscles as well. In 2015, Rich Piana started a romantic relationship with Sara Heimis. She also works out along with him. She has built up a muscular body as well. Rich married Sara in 2015. Their wedding got millions of views overnight. It is one of his most watched videos. The video of his wedding ceremony also garnered views because his bride has worn an over the top revealing dress and he was wearing a sleeveless tuxedo. Rich Piana net worth saw a huge leap when his wedding videos started to circulate on the social media. Piana has a huge fan following and he has been active on the social media like Facbook, Twitter and Instagram. He has 1 million fans on Facebook, 731000 followers on Instagram and 13000 followers on Twitter. It is due to his fan following that Rich Piana net worth is $ million.

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Rich piana women and steroids

rich piana women and steroids


rich piana women and steroidsrich piana women and steroidsrich piana women and steroidsrich piana women and steroidsrich piana women and steroids