Shoulder pain after steroid shot

Minor injuries of the shoulder may be treated at home. However it is advisable to seek medical care when the cause of the problem is unknown or if the symptoms seem to be worsening. The best treatment in case of mild shoulder pain is rest. Resting the injured area allows it to undergo healing. Two or three days of rest is adequate and may then be followed by light exercise of the area. Ice compresses are also beneficial in alleviating sprains and strains. However the ice must not be placed directly on the skin. It is best to place some ice cubes in a plastic bag and then wrap the bag in a towel. This may be placed on the affected area for about 15 minutes after every two hours. Hot compresses help in treating pain and swelling, but must be used only after the first week. Keeping the area elevated also helps in treating shoulder pain as it relieves swelling. You can rest the area on some pillows. There are also many over-the-counter medications which help to ease pain and discomfort. Certain exercises help to soothe strained muscles and also speed up recovery. However it is advisable to consult a doctor first. One such beneficial exercise for the shoulder is to stand and the bend down till you are facing the floor. Then move the affected arm in circles.

I’ve a very bad back/neck pain and (Seems like I have a “Thoracic curve” pain) and it’s not going away. It always starts with carrying “heavy” items (in my case a gallon of milk and a bag of groceries) , or sitting straight without a support and so on set it off. If I carried items (which I can not avoid) for a longer walk, including a purse on my arm/shoulder/hand then my head starts being heavy around the crown and feel strong pressure around the temples that quickly escalates to very heavy pounding pain in the head and the mid shoulders. the pain begins at the base of my head spreads down to my shoulder blades real fast. At night I can’t sleep without hot water bottle under the neck and a few min of laying flat on the floor and some exercise seems to help the back pain but not the head/neck pain. There are days the pain is excruciating and can’t breath…then I’d take tylenol. I want to know if anyone has similar pain and what you’ve done (yeah, went to GP and seems to trivialize my pain and advised me to take regular tylenol, I don’t want to take it everyday.) I want to know if anyone had similar experience and what helped and how to manage it.

Shoulder pain after steroid shot

shoulder pain after steroid shot


shoulder pain after steroid shotshoulder pain after steroid shotshoulder pain after steroid shotshoulder pain after steroid shotshoulder pain after steroid shot