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In the Season 19 episode " Tweek x Craig ", Asian-American female students started drawing homoerotic " yaoi " images of Craig and Tweek depicting them as lovers. Immediately, the two try to repudiate the rumors about them prompted by this. They eventually resolve to stage a public "break-up" to end the rumors. Though Tweek fears he cannot do this believably, Craig encourages him that he indeed can. However, Tweek goes too far by claiming that Craig is a manipulative cheater, which has the effect of ruining Craig's reputation with girls. Tweek later reveals that Craig's encouragement him gave him the confidence to believe in himself. They are seen to be together and holding hands are referred to as "boyfriends" in episodes like " Put It Down ".

The player is encouraged to explore the wider game world to find Chinpokomon toys [22] or new friends who are added to the character's Facebook page. [13] Collecting friends allows the player to unlock perks that permanently improve the New Kid's statistics, providing extra damage or resistance to negative effects. [5] [7] The character's Facebook page also serves as the game's main menu, containing the inventory and a quest journal. [3] The Stick of Truth features several mini-games, including defecating by repeatedly tapping a button that rewards the player with feces that can be thrown at enemies to trigger the "grossed out" effect, performing an abortion, [24] and using an anal probe. [25] Some of these scenes are absent from some versions of the game because of censorship. [25]

South park jimmy takes steroids

south park jimmy takes steroids


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