Stallion labs trenbolone

Product name: Trenbolone Mix 150
Manufacturer : SP Laboratories
Presentation : 10 ml 150mg/ml

It is a mixture of three steroids , their combination is an ideal definition . Contains 50 mg of trenbolone ACETATE 50 mg and 50 mg trenbolone ENANTAHTE hexahidroxibenzilcarbonat trenbolone .
Trenbolone acetate is a steroid with actioune fast , not flavored , so water retention and fat does not appear . Being a strong androgen helps to exercise the power and motivation . It also gives the appearance of hard and tough muscles .

The last ingredient is trenbolone enanthate . It is a very anabolic substance , is Recognized as a Construction of the high quality muscle mass . Exert anti - estrogen behavior due to its chemical structure .

Stallion labs trenbolone

stallion labs trenbolone