Steroids in mlb baseball

Which made Canseco’s second benefactor — Mike Wallace — all the more important. John Hamlin, a producer at 60 Minutes , had gotten a tip about Canseco’s book from a friend at another network. (The friend couldn’t act on it because his employer was a Major League Baseball rights holder.) Hamlin began calling baseball people and confirming the details. Almost no one would talk on the record, but they suggested that Canseco’s account was true. One of the few allegations Hamlin couldn’t verify was Canseco’s insistence that Roger Clemens was juicing.

Jackson was not just “the straw that stirs the drink” because of the power in his bat. He also was one of the central figures in the Bronx Zoo for the Yankees of the late 1970s, clashing with owner George Steinbrenner, occasional manager Billy Martin and his teammates — who resented the “straw that stirs the drink” comment as a slight against catcher and team captain Thurman Munson. The most famous confrontation of the era was between Jackson and Martin at Fenway Park in 1977, when Martin pulled Jackson from a game after playing a Jim Rice fly ball into a bloop double. A national television audience saw Martin having to be restrained from going after Jackson, who went on to lead New York to a World Series victory.

Steroids in mlb baseball

steroids in mlb baseball


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