Suntik steroid perut

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Assalaamu'alaikum wr. wb.

Overweight / obesity is a condition a person has excess fat / body fat, so the risk to the health of the person / people who are obese. Obesity occurs due to an imbalance of energy intake with energy use are the main meals including snacks and drinks to the level of physical activity.

Factors to be considered is the habit of overeating, genetics, lack of physical activity, psychological factors and stress, medications such as steroids, birth control hormones, antidepressants, these drugs have side effects of weight gain and sodium retention, the age factor can also be such as menopause, certain events eg, quit smoking, quit sports activities, etc.

Inspection can be done to pencapaina ideal weight with:
1. Anthropometric Measurements (BB, TB and LP) measurement of body mass index / BMI / Body Mass Index / BMI using the formula: Weight (Kg) / Height squared (M2).
Normal: to
Overweight: ≥
BB more at risk: to
Obesity: ≥

2. Measurement of waist circumference (midway between the lowest rib bone with the bone above the groin, the measurement from the side with ribbon without pressing soft tissue). Risk increases when men> 85 cm, women> 80 cm.

Teraphy :
1. Changes in diet (eat small meals but often) by reducing the consumption of fat and calories, increasing physical exercise, join a club which aims together in support of each other and discuss things that will help to achieve the target of reducing weight.
2. Setting the diet began with reducing calorie intake 300-500 kcal / day with the goal of losing weight by ½ - 1 kg per week.
3. Physical exercise started slowly and gradually increased in intensity. Can start walking for 30 minutes three times a week and can be increased in intensity for 45 minutes in a period of 5 times a week.
4. If these lifestyle modifications have been done (diet has improved, increased physical activity and behavioral changes) for 3 months, has yet to respond to weight loss, recommended further consultations to specialists in internal medicine to obtain action / drugs - drugs weight body.

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Suntik steroid perut

suntik steroid perut