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I am new to your site, I have lived in Jersey for 25+ years. (almost half my life)
I too am an Iowa girl
There is a true saying, “You can take the girl out of Iowa, But you can’t take the Iowa out of the girl.”
I am new with Pampered Chef and decided to Google recipes, I saw your Iowagirleats, ,As I clicked onto your site , I was impressed and delightfully amazed. Your gifts, talents, and detail are of pure excellence!
Thank you for sharing and making that which looks difficult to make, so incredibly simple. For you to break each step down with incredible photography and a personal caption with each ingredient. WOW!:)

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The end of the Super Bowl should be a giant event in itself. It shouldn't just be the end of a regular game with players meeting at mid-field to chat. There should be a giant trophy presentation, players donning Super Bowl champ hats, a Gatorade dousing mini-game where you give your coach a nice, electrolyte-filled shower and players' families coming onto the field to celebrate. I'll concede the fact that Madden NFL 10 came closer than any Madden game has to presenting an exciting finish; it's just a damn shame that the post-game festivities were presented sans sound.

Super bowl platter on steroids

super bowl platter on steroids


super bowl platter on steroidssuper bowl platter on steroidssuper bowl platter on steroidssuper bowl platter on steroidssuper bowl platter on steroids